Obeying the law is the foundation on which the Company's ethical standards are built.  Accordingly, the Company requires its employees, officers and directors to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the United States and the countries where the Company conducts business.  Violation of domestic or foreign laws and regulations may subject an individual, as well as the Company, to civil and/or criminal penalties.  To assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Company has established various policies and procedures, including those referred to in the SEACOR Marine Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.  Employees, officers, and directors have an obligation to comply with these policies and procedures and to promptly alert a supervisor or the General Counsel of any deviation from them.

SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc. has contracted EthicsPoint, a confidential and secure third party system, to facilitate Whistleblower reporting.

To file a report, please click on this image below, which will redirect you to the confidential and secure reporting structure of EthicsPoint.


Any employee or director who in good faith brings information regarding a violation (or potential violation) of laws, rules, regulations or the SEACOR Marine Code of Business Conduct & Ethics to the attention of any of his or her supervisors, the General Counsel or the Company’s Audit Committee (or any other director or officer) shall not be disadvantaged or discriminated against in any term or condition of his or her employment (including the opportunity for promotion) or otherwise retaliated against by reason of the employee taking such action.